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Emotional Connection Course

Emotional Connection Workshop


If you ask dancers all around the world about their impressions and memories from a certain dance, almost all dancers have replied that they don’t remember what tricks or elements were being used in the dance, they don’t remember a certain lead or following, but what they do remember, is the way that the other person let them feel during that dance. People mainly remember the feelings they feel during the dance – some remember their partner as someone who didn’t show much interest in them and the whole dance felt like every other good dance, and some remember their partner making them feel as if they were the only dancer on the dance floor that mattered, and the sexiest person around, making them leave the dance with a smile on their face that won’t come off for the duration of the night.

My name is Alon Goshen and I’m a Psychologist and a Salsa and Bachata instructor for more than 10 years now. My chosen specialty in Psychology is Sexology, and although it does deal a lot with sex, it also deals with all aspects of relationships between people – how to create intimacy, how to convey feelings, how to make the other person to feel special etc.

As for dancing, I believe that every good dancer need to master 3 things:

  1. Technic – The knowledge and control of all movements, leading and following, to be effective and good-looking
  2. Musicality – it is not enough to have a great technic, but you also need to know how and when to implement it during the dance, and that is according to the song being played – the melody, the instruments, the lyrics etc.
  3. Partner connection – not only the connection that allow you to lead and follow to the best of your abilities, but also (and mainly) the emotional connection to your dancer – to feel that you are dancing together, to feel a connection to the person itself (and not only to the music) so each dance will feel as if you’re dancing with someone close to you (emotionally), and therefore will take the feeling of that dance to new levels, ones that will make you feel like you’re flying after each dance.

In most countries that I’ve visited and most Festivals and congresses that I’ve taken part of, I’ve noticed that most workshops put a lot of emphasis on the Technic part, some of them talk about Musicality, but almost none of them are talking about the connection between the two partners during the dance, especially the emotional connection. The main reason for that is because it is very hard to teach emotional connection, and that there is not enough awareness to the subject in most countries, who don’t know what it is they are missing out. It was then that I started working on creating a workshop that will combine my knowledge and expertise from Psychology with the knowledge of the dance. I perfected the workshop during the years, and the reactions to it are amazing – people who have been dancing for years, have been saying that it changed drastically the way they feel during social dancing, and it has even effected their lives outside the dance floor. It changes the way we feel during social dancing to a degree that almost every dance that we choose to, can feel as if we just finished dancing with the person most close to our hearts, and make us feel as the most sexy person on the dance floor.

Few important details about the workshop:

  1. This is a very exclusive workshop, and in order to make the learning experience most effective, the workshop is limited to 15 men and 15 women (30 dancers). Notice you don’t have to come with a partner from home, or with a romantic partner. The whole point of the workshop is to teach you to create this Emotional connection with every dancer on the dance floor.
  2. Also, for maximum effect, this workshop is 3 hours long. Believe me when I say that you will not feel the time fly by, and at the end of the workshop you’re all going to be amazed that it was over so fast, and will ask me for more time…
  3. The workshop is going to be in English, but if there will be a need for it, a Spanish translator will assist with Spanish translations.

If you want to challenge yourself and learn new things that will affect your dance for the better, if you are tired of going from one dance to another with a small sense of personal satisfaction, and want to feel sexy and have some emotional dances that will leave your heart beat fast, then come and join this exclusive workshop. I promise you that you will not be disappointed, and will want to recommend it to all your favorite dance partners afterwards.

gudmundur gunnlaugsson

October 10, 2016 7:23 am Reply

Hi. This is a very intesesting workshop.
How do I sign up?