Mistura Movement – Hol

Mistura Movement – Hol
Dutch Kizomba Team

Mistura Movement is a kizomba dance concept based in the Netherlands and lead by Selwin & Suleika, one of today’s Holland’s top kizomba couples.

Mistura is a Portuguese word meaning literally blend or mixture. This is reflected in Mistura Movement in the broadest sense of the word. Mistura is a mix of people from different cultures in which all dance styles are embraced but with a shared passion for Kizomba. It is also a movement, a group which everyone with passion for dance and expecially Kizomba can join and be part of the Mistura family.

The mission of Mistura Movement is to spread their passion for dance and to let people express themselves and enjoy life with each other through dance and music.

Their classes have a fun and social atmosphere, are full of new figures, combinations, shines and laughter. Although they pay a special attention to their students dancing technique. There is a lot to learn from them about partnering technique, leading, following, and musicality; with the goal of improving a student personally as a dancer.