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Team Reda

Get ready guys to perform with one the Worlds coolest male dancers. Reda Becili from France has built a reputation for his cool and slick solo performances, so performing on stage with this guy is going to be awesome.

How it works: This year we have taken to the Choreo a step up, if you choose to perform you will receive a video of the routine, you must put the time in and practise. At the event you will be given a minimum of 2 hours extra training with Reda to polish and put you all together. It is imperative you join as soon as possible and get practicing so that you look cool on stage.

Cost: £100 (includes Full Pass). If you already have a full pass you pay the difference.

Conditions for Participants: So do you want to take part in this years intensive Choreography course with performance on Sunday 16th Oct Night? If, yes then you must agree to the following:

  • You will receive videos of the routine and you have to practice
  • You must do all 2 hours of training to polish the routine with Reda at the event
  • You must be willing to have some fun and not be shy!
  • This is an intermediate choreography
  • Some sexy moves or gestures may be involved, so you must be willing to be open minded
  • It will be a group choreo, so you must be willing to be part of the team
  • You will be responsible for putting your chosen costume together

To join send us an email for details – CLICK HERE

See Reda in action:


August 18, 2016 6:55 pm Reply


Is this is a couples routine or male(s) solo routine ?



    August 21, 2016 3:27 pm Reply

    Hi Shiv

    Males only